Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman


Ronald Francis Perlman is an actor with whom I’m surprised works on a lot of familiar projects. He has voiced characters such as Slade from “Teen Titans,” Mr. Lancer from “Danny Phantom,” and was not only the voice of Hellboy, but was also the actor who donned the red make up and horns.

He’s not only a famous voice artist, but he’s also a well celebrated movie actor. He played as a character called Amoukar on “Quest for Fire,” Frank Cerrillo on “Blind Man’s Bluff,” Charles Burden Sr. on “The Trial of Old Drum,” and Doctor Julian on “Killer By Nature.”

On television, he’s been characters such as Vincent on “Beauty and the Beast,” narrated “1000 Ways to Die,”and played Judge Pernell on “The Hand of God.” He’s also made guest appearances on shows like “Archer,” “Adventure Time,” and “Robot Chicken.”

Ron Perlman is an actor who is still working hard to this day. He has inspired many people and captured the imaginations of audiences young and old alike. Ron Perlman is no doubt a legend.

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