One Hit Wonders 5

Bill McFadden

Bill McFadden

Bill McFadden is an actor who was raised in the beautiful Prince Edward Island. He is a one hit wonder because he has voiced in one cartoon. However, in this one show, he is not only the narrator, but also the voice of a character by the name of Sir Roswald on “Eckhart.” He is not only a good voice actor as this character, but also a beautifully voiced narrator.

McFadden is mostly highly regarded as an actor on the screens. He has played a character known as William Plover on the television series, “Emily of New Moon.” He has also appeared in a few TV movies. In 1997’s “Pit Pony,” he played the character Ed O’Neill, and in 2006, he played as a character called Mr. Unger on “A Christmas Wedding.”

McFadden has also appeared on a few stage productions in the entertainment world. Two of the productions he has appeared in are “The Owl and the Pussycat,” and “Dear Liar,” both of which fellow performer Sharlene MacLean worked on together back in 1982.

Bill McFadden has an interesting set of performances and a heart and passion for his pursuits. The first roles I had mentioned (Narrator and Sir Roswald on “Eckhart”) were also coincidentally the first roles I heard him in altogether. In actuality, Sir Roswald is one of my most favorite characters from animation, and McFadden’s voice as him is one of the reasons why I like this character. In conclusion, Bill McFadden is very talented and unique; with such an acting regime, he should continue on with his work for a great deal of time.

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