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One Hit Wonders

Usually, my credentials to how a certain voice actor gets a post is if they’ve voiced more than three characters. However, as I continue to write my list of favorite actors, I’ve noticed that there are quite a bit of actors that have only voiced less than three characters or one animated program. I call them my One-Hit Wonders. So, today, I will be sharing with you a start of my new point of discussion.

Richard Pearson


Richard de Pearsall Pearson was an actor of British descent. His only voice role was of the character Mole in Cosgrove Hall’s adaptation of “The Wind in the Willows.”

I remember watching him on one episode of a British television program called “One Foot in the Grave,” as the scatterbrained brother of Victor Meldrew, Alfred. He was also seen on films such as “The Girl is Mine,” “Man in the Moon,” “The Rise and Fall of Michael Rimmer,” and “The Mirror Crack’d.”

Pearson was also the man of the stage, having been in works such as, “A Likely Tale,” “The Private Ear and the Public Eye,” “Vivat! Vivat Regina!” and “Arms and the Man.”

Richard Pearson had an endearing voice and an honorable sense of being. His warm performances are a quality that will always be remembered.

Richard Pearson: August 1, 1918- August 2, 2011

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