Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


James Jonah Cummings is one of the most recognizable voice artists in the industry, and one of the most talented. He has provided voices for Cat on “Catdog,” Mr. Bumpy on “Bump in the Night,” and the title character, “Darkwing Duck.”

Cummings is also a wonderful impressionist. This mostly works out well for his vocal abilities, as he was able to recreate certain voices as famous characters. These include both Sterling Holloway’s Winnie the Pooh and Paul Winchell’s Tigger. He’s also known as the new voice of the Tasmanian Devil of the “Looney Tunes” franchise.

Some of my favorite vocal performances that Jim Cummings have performed are as villains. Examples include Fuzzy Lumpkins on “The Powerpuff Girls,” Doctor Robotnik for “Sonic SatAM,” and, to a lesser extent, Ed on “The Lion King.” He’s also provided singing voices for villains like Scar on “The Lion King,” and Rasputin on “Anastasia.”

No matter how old I get, I’ll always get excited for a performance by the talented Jim Cummings. He’s got a versatile voice, musical gusto, and the heart to act as someone good or evil. Jim Cummings, you are amazing.

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