Jean Vander Pyl

Jean Vander Pyl



Jean Vander Pyl is an interesting voice actress with a lot of gusto. She has provided the voices of characters such as Wilma Slaghoople Flintstone on “The Flintstones,” Rosie the robot maid on “The Jetsons,” and Rosemary on “Hong Kong Phooey.”

She had made her big start on radio and television shows before pursuing a career in voice acting. On radio, she was heard on “The Halls of Ivy” and “Father Knows Best.” On television, she was in shows such as “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “Petticoat Junction.”

She continued to voice until the mid 90’s. She’s voiced in quite a few projects such as “Inch High Private Eye,” “The Mister T Show,” and even “The Weird Al Show.”

She kept on voicing Wilma Flintstone in projects such as “The Flintstone Comedy Show,” “The New Fred and Barney Show,” and even “The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones.” Jean Vander Pyl will always be remembered as the original red-headed housewife and will still leave an impression on younger and newer voice actors.

Jean Vander Pyl: October 11, 1919- April 10, 1999

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