Introduction to Toon Whisperer

Welcome one and all to the website, “Toon Whisperer” where “the unfamiliar face shines a familiar voice forward.” Being an animation lover since I was a child, I found that one of the best parts of animation is the vocal cast. The cartoon characters’ voice shines from many different sources, especially by the humans who help bring a new character to life.

Here at “Toon Whisperer,” I plan to bring to literal life the voices that came to be from the past and the present. To summarize, I look at voice actors who are currently living and make so much contributions to the animated world, and the voice actors who have long since passed on and left a lasting impression on the newer actors.

I will be posting new posts as much as I can, revealing fun facts as well as my own opinions of the actors I choose.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. So look on, listen long, and have fun.

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