Eddie Deezen

Today, I’ll be doing something a little different. So I don’t run out of voice actors, I now plan to discuss one voice actor, and alternate between living and non-living.

Living: Eddie Deezen


Born Edward Harry Deezen, Eddie Deezen has been in the voice acting industry for many years now. He also may look recognizable too, as he’s played as Eugene Felsnic on “Grease” and “Grease 2.” ┬áHis voice is easily recognizable, as he’s voiced Mandark on “Dexter’s Laboratory,” the Know-it-All on “The Polar Express,” and Snipes on “Rock-a-Doodle.”

Deezen is a man with an interesting distinctive voice. Once you hear it, you won’t really forget it any time soon. He is a great actor in such great movies such as “1941,” “War Games,” and just last year, “All I Want for Christmas.”

I have the great pleasure of knowing Mr. Eddie Deezen by being friends with him on Facebook. He posts interesting facts about certain people who have been in the entertainment business, and I found that by reading them, he happens to mention actors whose movies I’ve seen before. I also find it great to know that when I comment on a specific movie I loved said actor in, he “likes” the comment, so it’s interesting to know that he and I have a few things and common.

It’s wonderful to get to know you, Mr. Deezen, and I hope we can all hear more of your work when you can.

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