Don Francks (1932-2016)

With a heavy heart, the world says goodbye to Donald Harvey Francks. Though I have not seen all of his works yet, I will remember him from what I did know him as. Those works include Skunk on “My Dad the Rockstar,” Chauncey “Boss Mouse” Barns on “Eckhart,” Mok Swagger on “Rock and Rule,” and Grimaldi on “Heavy Metal.”

Francks’ daughter, Cree Summer, is still living strong. She will continue on his legacy of being a talented, amazing, and wonderful voice artist and singer.

Don Francks; though we have never met, I wish to send you a prayer of no longer being in pain and leaving behind such talented people in the form of your offspring. Rest well, and continue to inspire us all.

Donald Harvey Francks: February 28, 1932- April 3, 2016

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