David Berni

David Berni


David Berni is another voice actor that I recently had heard of, and I’m glad I did. He has voiced characters such as Jiggers the beaver on “Iggy Arbuckle,” Frank on “Ruby Gloom,” and Paddy on “Scaredy Squirrel.”

Berni was also a TV actor. At the moment, I haven’t watched any of the live action series he was on. He has played as Romano on “Secret Service,” he was on an episode of “George Shrinks,” and was also on an adult animated series called, “Fugget About It.”

Berni was also on a documentary movie called “Canada Russia ’72,” in which he played Phil Esposito. He was also in movies like “Night of the Twisters,” “PCU,” and a TV movie called “Gotta Catch Santa Claus.”

David Berni is a reasonably young actor, with a lot of experience and skill. I hope he continues to work in the field of films and animation for a long time.

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