Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh



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Usually, I would write my blogs in the order of living then non-living, but for this case, I’ll make an exception. This is to honor the memory of the recently deceased Christine Cavanaugh.

Born Christine Josephine Cavanaugh, Christine Cavanaugh has been one of the biggest influences of my childhood. She’s brought to life such voices as Chuckie Finster on “Rugrats”, Dexter on “Dexter’s Laboratory”, and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard on “Darkwing Duck.”

Cavanaugh brought a different style of voice acting to her versatile performances. There was no doubt about the talent this woman was blessed with. One of my most favorite performances was the “Dexter’s Laboratory” episode, “Labretto.” In this, she brings a truly soulful performance as Dexter, and her singing voice was so powerful and inspiring.

Cavanaugh had retired from voice acting in 2001, but she left behind such a long list of characters she voiced, as well as Oblina on “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters,” and Bunnie Rabbot on “Sonic the Hedgehog,” otherwise nicknamed, “Sonic SatAM.”

Christine Cavanaugh, you have inspired me for such a long time that I feel it’s time I gave back and showed my appreciation for all you do. Your friends, your family, and your fans will all miss you. May you rest in peace.

Christine Cavanaugh: August 16, 1963- December 22, 2014

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