Candi Milo

Candi Milo



Born Candyce Ann Rose Milo, Candi Milo has been a very successful voice actress for many years. She’s provided voices for characters like The Flea on “Mucha Lucha,” Coco, Madame Foster, and Cheese on “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends,” and Dr. Nora Wakeman on “My Life as a Teenage Robot.”

Miss Milo is not only a highly regarded voice artist, but she is also amazing in the theater industry. Some of her works include her performance as Maria on “Twelfth Night,” an Ensemble Soloist on “Dreamgirls,” Baby on “To Sir With Love,” and Stand Up Comedienne on “Just for Laughs Festival.”

Candi Milo has also appeared on a few television shows. She’s been on programs such as “Days of Our Lives,” “Gimme a Break,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Knots Landing,” and “ProStars.” She has also made a few appearances in movies such as “Cool World,” “A Hollywood Hounds Christmas,” “Spirited Away,” and “Batman Beyond: The Movie.”

There is no denying that Candi Milo is a very talented woman. She has been known to make me laugh and smile a few times with her witty and adorable performances. Candi Milo, we are all proud of your great success.

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