Ben Small

Ben Small


Benjamin Small is an actor I’ve been learning about for some time now.

The first time I heard his vocal talent was his voice as Bernie Barges on the United Kingdom cartoon, “Watch My Chops,” but in the United States when it had its run there, it was known as “Corneil and Bernie.” Since 2009, he was the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine in the United Kingdom dub of “Thomas and Friend.” However, he stopped after 2015 due to his contract not being renewed. Another voice Small did was as the voice of Ichabod Crane on the special, “The Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hollow.”

Small is also an actor on television. He’s played on series like “Matt Hatter Chronicles,” “Pet Squad,” and “X-calibur.”

Small has also been the producer of a short called, “One.” As well as being the voice of Bernie, he, along with Keith Wickham, sung the theme song for “Watch My Chops.”

Ben Small is inspirational actor with a wide range of voices. He’s also connect himself to Twitter in order to help him find some other voice acting jobs. His positive attitude and great heart keep him famous and notable.

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