Barbara Luddy

Barbara Luddy


Barbara Luddy was an actress that is very familiar to the Disney world. She has provided voices for characters like Lady on “Lady and the Tramp,” Merryweather on “Sleeping Beauty,” and was the original voice of Kanga on the “Winnie the Pooh” shorts.

Barbara Luddy was also know to be in movies and short films. She was in short filmsĀ such as “East Side, West Side,” “The Fighting Tailor,” and “The Bathing Suitor.” Other characters in films she played as are Barbara Barstow in “Born To Battle,” Mary Jackson in “Headin’ North,” and Mae in “Her Secret.”

Luddy has also been on television series such as “Make Way For Daddy” where she plays a character named Miss Allman, “The Donna Reed Show,” “Lawman,” and “77 Sunset Strip.”

Barbara Luddy has been one of my favorite actresses for a long time. Her sweet voice is easily recognizable, and I often know who she voices when I see one of her projects. She’s wonderfully talented, no matter what she’s in.

Barbara Luddy: May 25, 1908- April 1, 1979

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