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Lucille Bliss

Lucille Bliss


Born Lucille Therese Bliss, this lady is a wonderful voice actress that I’ll never forget. Some of her famous works include Anastasia on Disney’s “Cinderella,” Smurfette on “The Smurfs,” and Ms. Bitters on “Invader Zim.”

Bliss has also appeared in movies like “Assassination,” “The Night Before,” and “Miracle Mile.” She has also been known to sing from time to time. In 1961’s “One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” she was the singer of the “Kanine Krunchies” jingle, where she pulls off the voice of a very young child.

A long time ago, she also hosted a television show called, “The Happy Birthday To You Show.” She was also a narrator of a few Disney shorts on the album, “Peter Rabbit and Other Funny Bunnies.” She shows a wonderful set of skills in all she does.

Lucille Bliss is a woman who many people will remember for a long time, because of all of the excellent voice acting and performances she does. She was a well renowned woman, and always will be.

Lucille Bliss: March 31, 1916- November 8, 2012

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Born Thomas James Kenny, Tom Kenny has been a highly successful voice actor for many years. Some of his best known works are as Eduardo on “Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends,” Heffer Wolfe on “Rocko’s Modern Life,” and possibly his most famous character and his personal favorite: Spongebob Squarepants.

When he was young, he went to Bishop Grimes High School, where he became friends with famous actor, Bobcat Goldthwait. Kenny worked with Goldthwait on his personal projects, “Shakes the Clown,” and “World’s Greatest Dad.” Kenny also had a brief cameo in the movie “Sky High.”

Kenny has also been on other projects such as, “How I Got into College,” “Comic Book: the Movie,” and “Animatrix.” Kenny brings an interesting kind of style to all of his performances.

Kenny is also married to actress Jill Talley, who is the voice of Karen on “Spongebob Squarepants.” They met while working on the movie, “The Edge.” They, since being married, have had two children together.

Tom Kenny is a very influential voice artist, who still works hard to this very day. I can only hope his hard work and diligence keep him up to speed for years to come.

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Jean Vander Pyl

Jean Vander Pyl



Jean Vander Pyl is an interesting voice actress with a lot of gusto. She has provided the voices of characters such as Wilma Slaghoople Flintstone on “The Flintstones,” Rosie the robot maid on “The Jetsons,” and Rosemary on “Hong Kong Phooey.”

She had made her big start on radio and television shows before pursuing a career in voice acting. On radio, she was heard on “The Halls of Ivy” and “Father Knows Best.” On television, she was in shows such as “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “Petticoat Junction.”

She continued to voice until the mid 90’s. She’s voiced in quite a few projects such as “Inch High Private Eye,” “The Mister T Show,” and even “The Weird Al Show.”

She kept on voicing Wilma Flintstone in projects such as “The Flintstone Comedy Show,” “The New Fred and Barney Show,” and even “The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones.” Jean Vander Pyl will always be remembered as the original red-headed housewife and will still leave an impression on younger and newer voice actors.

Jean Vander Pyl: October 11, 1919- April 10, 1999

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Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille


Tress MacNeille has been the most significant voice actress I’ve ever known. She has voiced such characters such as Charlotte Pickles on “Rugrats,” Pookie on “Hey Arnold,” and my most favorite role by her: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bobesca III also known as Dot Warner on “Animaniacs.”

MacNeille is also a great impressionist. In fact, she’s worked with Weird Al Yankovic’s music video that parodies the song “Mickey” by Tony Basil called “Ricky.” In it, she does a spot on impression of Lucille Ball. She also does these various impressions when voicing as Babs Bunny on “Tiny Toon Adventures,” and the many impressions she can pull off are stunning.

In addition to voicing in numorous cartoons, she’s also voiced in quite a few games. Three original projects I can think of that she’s in are as the voice of Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun on “Toonstruck,” Jain on “Fallout,” and Tiny Kong on “Donkey Kong 64.”

MacNeille is the current voice of Daisy Duck for the Mickey Mouse cartoon franchise. One of my favorite times she’s voiced her is in the Straight to DVD movie, “Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers.” Hopefully she’ll continue to do her voice as well as many other inspirational characters for a long time.

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